Zip Wire adventures in Cornwall’s quarries!

Wondering what the different zip wire adventures are here at Via Ferrata Cornwall? Read on to discover three awesome options: the Zip Wire Safari, the Via Ferrata Full Classic Zip Wire and finally, our Accessible Zip Wire!

1. Zip Wire Safari 

Participants flying across the adventure quarry on the Zip Wire Safari in Cornwall
Quick Facts
  • Duration: 1.5 hours
  • Minimum age: 10
  • Includes: 9 individual zip wires, starting with ‘training’ zips and progressing to multiple flights across our gorgeous adventure quarry!
  • Cost: £25 per person
Lady completing the practice zip wires in the training zone before flying across the quarry
What to expect:

We’ll teach you how to safely use a zip wire, before guiding you round the route in the quarry. You’ll then be let loose to zip round! Our qualified Instructors will be on-hand to help and you’ll always be safely clipped in. The zip wires in the quarry are dual, so you’ll get to fly round together! You’ll also experience the thrill of traversing along the cliff edge to move between zips.

Parental support for under 18's

Ages 10 – 14: An adult must accompany the young person(s) around the Zip Wires as a full paying participant. The required ratio is 1 adult to 2 children.

Ages 14 and over: An adult will not have to pay but must remain within the quarry viewing point or Café area at all times.

2. The Via Ferrata Zip Wire 

Man launching off the cliff on the Via Ferrata Zip Wire adventure
Quick Facts

“Had a MOST EXCELLENT time at Via Ferrata. Andy, our instructor, was brilliant and explained everything in a calm and jolly way. We only thought that we’d do one quarry but we were hooked, literally, and wanted to do more!…The zip wire was a blast with incredible views.” – Verity, Trip Advisor

Teenage girl climbing the cliff face at Via Ferrata Cornwall
What to expect:

Clip in to the safety cable and then journey across two historic quarries by scaling cliff faces, balancing across the high wire bridge and tackling high challenges.

Conquer your fears as you lean back from the cliff edge, dare to dangle from the high wire bridge and reach heights of 20 meters above water.

Then comes the ultimate finale – stepping off the highest quarry edge on site and feeling the exhilaration of soaring through the air on our longest and most extreme zipline, only accessible once you’ve earnt the right by completing the Full Classic Via Ferrata tour first!

Parental support for under 18's

An adult must accompany the young person(s) around the whole course as a full paying participant in these ratios: 10-13 years – 1 adult to 2 young people; 13-18 years – 1 adult to 7 young people.

Choosing your Zip Wire adventure

Not sure which zip wire adventure to go for? Come and take a look beforehand from the Cafe and nature trails!

People view the activities from the Cafe at Via Ferrata Cornwall
Cafe with wild play areas nearby overlooking the quarry with cake and hot chocolate with marshmallows
Watch from a distance:

Just across from our free carpark is The Cornish Barista’s Cafe! You can always pop in for one of their amazing cakes and look across at the Zip Wire Safari.

We also have some adventure nature trails with gorgeous views! They wind past the quarry where you can see the Via Ferrata Zip Wire.

Check out our reviews:

Read our reviews to see what the two zip wire adventures are like!

Or, why not send someone else first as a guinea pig?! Seriously though, our adventures make for fantastic Experience Gift Vouchers!

3. The accessible Zip Wire 

Boy goes zip-lining at our adventure holiday club

“He loves it! Always coming home with stories about kayaking, the zip wire and babbling on about outdoorsy things. He has now decided he wants to be just like the instructors when he grows up. A truly inspiring place to send children!”

About the Accessible Zip Wire:
  • Duration: 3 hour adventure childcare sessions
  • Minimum age: 6
  • Cost: £20 per child for a half day (or £40 for a full day mixed with another activity)
  • Parental Support for under 18’s: NA – no parents are needed!

This is available to children booked onto our Adventure Holiday Club, which offers outdoor childcare to 6-13 year olds during school holidays. You can simply drop them off for a fantastic time! This super fun dual zip wire is an excellent choice for youngsters! They’ll be buzzing once they’ve taken the leap, raced their friends down it and cheered their peers on.

Our profits go to charity!

Joining us for a zip wire adventure means you’re making a genuine difference to children and young people in need! 100% of our profits go to our parent charity BF Adventure, which provides accessible activities (the Accessible Zip Wire included!) to those facing trauma, disabilities, mental health issues and more…read on to see how you’re helping! 

Young person using the accessible zip wire
For young people with special needs and school groups:

BF Adventure supports vulnerable children and young people to overcome their barriers, build confidence and gain skills whilst having fun in the outdoors. The Accessible Zip Wire is available to the young people who access BF Adventure’s programmes. In addition, it’s offered to school groups joining BF Adventure’s school residentials and day trips.

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