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Last update: Friday 24th March 2023


1. Permissions and informed choice.


Via Ferrata Cornwall CIC (VFC) is a professional organisation, but participants should be aware that they are engaging in activities where there are risks. Risk assessments and instructor training are continually reviewed to minimise the risks. Via Ferrata Cornwall requires all parents and guardians to give permission for their children or children for which they have parental responsibilities to take part in all programmes and accept the Acceptance of Risk Statement (AOR):

1.1. During the booking process, VFC will make it mandatory that all guests have ticked to say they have read the terms and conditions and also the AOR statement.

1.2. VFC requires all participants to have completed a waiver. For people under 18 years old this must be carried out by a parent/guardian.

1.3. The start of any tour has a training phase and a ‘refund point’ (see refunds). This will give participants an opportunity to listen to instructions and make an informed choice before committing to the course.


2. Bookings


2.1. All bookings are considered confirmed once payment has been made, this process encompasses the terms and conditions and AOR statement.

2.2. Cancellations

2.2.1. VFC reserves the right to cancel or alter any activity where this becomes necessary due to circumstances beyond our control. In the unlikely event of cancellation, an alternative session or date will be offered or a credit note made. In the case of participants cancelling, the following will apply: Cancellations with notice of more than 1 month will be refunded 100% Cancellations between 2 weeks and 1 month will be refunded 50% Cancellations less than 2 weeks will not be refunded

2.2.2. COVID 19 If a booking needs to be altered by either party no refund will be made. VFC will issue a credit/voucher or another date will be offered In the case of moved bookings VFC cannot guarantee the same activities as the original booking Should VFC not be able to offer the same programme then a limited one will be offered which may include different activities or times to the original 


2.3.1. It is the customer’s responsibility to arrive on time (20 minutes before the start of the activity). If the customer is late and misses their time slot, we cannot hold the activity for them and will treat the booking as cancelled. If they inform us that they are delayed we will look to reschedule for a later time slot that day but cannot guarantee it and cannot refund or move the booking to another day.

2.4. No shows

2.4.1. In the event of a no show by the participant, no refund will be issued.

2.5. Refunds

2.5.1. Via Ferrata Adventure Zone and Full Classic Tour only During the Adventure Zone, there is a point where participants can choose to opt out and gain a refund. The refund will be 50% of the participant cost.

2.5.2. Zip Wire Safari only Following completion of the training zone and before commencing the full Zip Wire Safari course in the Adventure Quarry, participants may opt out and gain a refund. The refund will be 50% of the participant cost.

2.5.3. Payment will be made within a 10 working day period through a bank transfer into the participant’s account which they originally made the payment through.

2.6. Payments Payments for these bookings are made in full at the time of booking through the online portal.

2.6.2. Additional Charges VFC will make additional charges to recoup losses from action or inaction from its visitors. These include but are not limited to: Damages to site equipment or tents for repairs or replacement as decided by VFC.

2.7. Insurance

We strongly advise that groups and individuals have in place adequate insurance to protect against cancelled bookings.


3. Group Behaviour


3.1. Instructors reserve the right to remove participants from activities where their behaviour is unacceptable. These include but are not limited to:

3.2. Antisocial/racist behaviour

3.3. Actions that are not safe and increase the risk to the participant or other participants and staff

3.4. Violent or aggressive behaviour

3.5. Not listening to instructions provided by VFC staff or following signage

3.6. In instances where we ask participants to leave the course, no refunds will be made

3.7. All damages to the site, its equipment, accommodation or any other facilities caused by misuse, aggressive or antisocial behaviour or neglect may be chargeable post visit.


4. Participant responsibilities


4.1. Correct clothing and footwear must be worn as per the kit list. Instructors reserve the right to remove participants from the group if they do not have the correct kit. This is for the participant’s safety and comfort. Please refer to our kit list: our website has guidance listed under the FAQs section and VFC will also email you details of kit following your booking.

4.2. Safeguarding for Water Based activity – Children, young people and adults must wear appropriate clothing for water activities. For safeguarding reasons as a minimum they need to wear shorts and a t-shirt or rash vest over swimming costumes. Wetsuits are also acceptable. No-one will be able to take part in a water activity without the above. 

4.3. Access to equipment and activity areas is strictly prohibited without a member of VFC Instructional staff being present. 

4.4. Access around the site is only allowed in permitted areas. 

4.5. Participants must inform VFC of all medical conditions at the bookings stage.


5. Supervising children


5.1.1. All children under 18 must be supervised by a parent / guardian or have a parent / guardian on-site for the duration of the activity. 

5.1.2. All children need to have a parent/guardian sign their waiver on their behalf

5.1.3. Supervision guidance for activities can be found in Annex 1.


6. Medical Information


6.1. Administration of medication is not a task staff at VFC are qualified to do.

6.2. All medical information must be disclosed during the booking process. More information can be found in our FAQs on the VFC website.

6.3. If medication if required to be carried, then this should be carried by the participant and its location made aware to the instructors.


7. Duration of Activities


7.1. Our website shows the duration of each activity. Please note that the Via Ferrata Full Classic Tour will usually take between 2-3 hours depending on group size and confidence. With some groups with very low numbers who are very confident, the Full Classic Tour could be completed even quicker.


8. Via Ferrata Cornwall Responsibilities


8.1. VFC (under the Parent organisation BF Adventure) has public and products liability insurance of £5 million, as well as employer’s liability of £10 million. Personal belongings are the participant’s own responsibility. We do not accept responsibility for loss or additional expenses due to sickness, weather, strikes or any other causes. Personal accident insurance is not included. The information disclosed above is treated as strictly confidential.

8.2. VFC, its activity leaders or agents, will not be liable for personal injury, death or loss or damage sustained by customers or to their property unless it arises from the negligence of Via Ferrata Cornwall CIC.


9. Photographs


9.1. We may take photos/videos of sessions for use on promotional material, please indicate on our waiver form if you are not happy for us to do this.


10. Lost Property


10.1. Lost property will be kept for a maximum of 14 days.

10.2. Claiming lost property should be done by calling 01326 341904 or emailing hello@viaferratacornwall.co.uk, and providing us the time, date and the group you were with along with an accurate description of what was missing. Providing an accurate description matches with the item, a suitable time can be arranged to collect the lost property.

10.3. All items kept for more than 2 weeks will be recycled into spare clothes for use with our clients at BFA, sent to a charity shop or disposed of.


11. Environmental


11.1. VFC is working hard to reduce its environmental impact, we ask all clients to:

11.1.1. Consider travel arrangements- using as few cars as possible

11.1.2. Consider what single use waste they produce – removing plastic straws, single use bottles and drinking cartons from lunches etc.

11.1.3. Sorting rubbish into recycle bins provided

11.2. Weather conditions

11.2.1. The tours can take place in almost all weathers, please see a summary of what to expect: Hot weather – please ensure you bring plenty of sun lotion. On the Via Ferrata, drinks bottles will not be allowed but there will be an opportunity for a drink after the adventure zone and before the full classic tour. Drinks bottles are OK to take out on watersports and archery sessions. You can also keep them on the ground when climbing, however it is not practical to take them out on our coasteering sessions. During the Zip Wire Safari, it is not practical to have a drink during the tour. Wet rainy weather – The activities will be safe to operate but may be more slippery than usual. Sensible footwear is essential as well as waterproof coats and trousers if possible. A change of clothes would also be a sensible choice. Cold/snowy weather – extra layers should be worn including a wind/waterproof coat. Lightening – the activities will be closed off for 20 minutes following hearing or seeing a nearby lightening strike. Wind – the Via Ferrata course and the Zip Wire Safari may close if wind speeds are excessive – i.e. Easterly and exceeding force 5. Strong winds may also prevent the Zip Wire Safari from running. The courses will still run in winds from other directions and other activities (coasteering, watersports, archery and climbing) can still run in windy weather. Fog – activities close if visibility is poor – as would be determined on the day and will vary depending upon the activity.


12. Complaints


12.1. If satisfaction is not achieved a written complaint must be received within 14 days of the visit to Via Ferrata Cornwall CIC.

12.2. VFC will respond within 10 working days.


13. vouchers


13.1. Vouchers are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. Opening times and availability may be subject to change, therefore participants will need to refer to our website to check availability and redeem the voucher. They will also need to check our website for minimum age requirements and guidance on height, weight, fitness and medical restrictions before purchasing their activity.

VFC is a no smoking site.

Acceptance of risk statement for Via Ferrata Tours


About Via Ferrata Cornwall CIC (VFC)
VFC is a community Interest company supporting the charity BF Adventure; it is situated in a converted disused quarry. We have an engineered specialised environment which can be enjoyed by the vast majority of people regardless of age, gender or ability.

VFC Adventure Zone and Full Classic Tours include the following types of activities
1. Climbing and traversing at heights of up to 25 meters. Using a combination of metal hand and foot holds as well as using natural rock features such as ledges, participants move themselves around a course built into the side of one or two disused granite quarries. This will involve moving their own body weight up, along and around obstacles. The course has also engineered challenges, which includes walking along planks, walking along foot wires and balancing.

2. Suspension bridge – there will be a sustained walk along a wire suspension bridge using a single foot wire and ropes for your hands. This is 70 meters long and set at a height of around 6 meters. This is a physically demanding task and participants should expect swaying with the bridge as well.

3. Zip wire – there is a zip wire set at around 20 meters above a water filled quarry.

VFC Climbing Adventure Session 

This involves climbing up to heights of 12 meters either indoors or outdoors depending on the prevailing weather conditions. Participants safety will be via a rope system to prevent a fall from height. Some small swinging and bumping into the rock is normal and may result in minor scratches and bruises.  

VFC Coasteering (in a quarry) and Watersports Adventure Sessions 

Our special water filled quarries are used for these activities. Activities take place in water that is deep enough for the proposed activity. An element of water confidence is requiredUsers are supported though Personal Floating Devices(PFD) to operate safely around the activity.   

With Coaststeering there is an element of climbing, traversing, falling and jumping into the water up to heights of five meters. People with back problems need to take extra precaution when taking part due to the possibility of awkward landings into the water. 

Zip Wire Safari

This tour involves a short training course with climbing on metal hand and foot holds on wooden poles to heights of 2 meters and very small practice zips. Following this, the zips get longer and faster and require the users to land on wooden / gravel ramps at a moderate walking pace. Connecting some of the zip wires will be uneven terrain with trip hazards, in close proximity to cliff edges. Participants will be required to do some ducking and climb some steep steps. All of this will be completed when attached to a safety cable which forms part of the tour and participants will be trained appropriately.

Being disused quarries, there is a small risk of rock fall. We manage this through observation and physical removal of rocks. Participants should be aware that we cannot fully remove the risk of rock falls.

Acceptance of risk statement
VFC operates activities that involve an element of risk. It is our inherent belief that exposure to risk in a managed and controlled environment educates, develops and provides opportunity for enjoyment and growth and as such hold tremendous value to participants.

VFC commitment – We aim to manage the risk to an acceptable level through planning, training and monitoring. We will seek and listen to feedback from our users and external professionals. We reserve the right to alter plans should external factors such as the weather change the level of risk. VFC will listen to the concerns of participants and will only encourage people to participate as far as they feel comfortable.

We are committed to safeguarding participants throughout the experience. At all times the participants will find themselves safeguarded by one or more of the following safety systems, these are: being attached to a safety system that prevents a fall from height, being issued with adequate PPE, and being supervised and receiving training from our instructors. 

Parent/guardian/group leader commitments – All participants (including those under your responsibility) that use Via Ferrata Cornwall CIC do so knowing that they enter a risk managed environment or have permission from someone who has parental responsibility to enter this environment and understand that taking part in activities may result in injuries. Participants agree to wilfully disclose information that may increase the risk level of the activity or would lead to a negative experience. Participants also agree to abide to instructions and safety notices and only access parts of the site that they have been given permission to access.

Failure to abide by these may result in major injury and or death.

Annex 1 – supervision and restrictions  

Parental supervision – all sessions require an adult to be in attendance (excepting Adventure Holiday Club)See the table below which clearly defines in what capacity the adults can attend the session. Please make note that for some activities the adults need to be a full paying participant. In all sessions with the exception of the adventure holiday club, the activities will be sold openly to the public which means the group makeup could range significantly and can include both children and adults.  

Fitness levels  we have provided an approximate guide to how strenuous we feel the sessions arePlease note that these are subjective and based on our experience and observations and can be affected by things such as the participants comfort levels, weather and pre-existing medical conditions etc. If you are unsure about your fitness level, please contact our bookings team for more information.  

Maximum height and weight – the guide below provides the maximum height and weight for activities. It may also be that a participants body shape may exclude certain people from the activity if we are not able to fit suitable safety equipment. In cases such as these we will issue a full refund. 

Adventure Zone

Parental supervision: Under 18’s require an adult to be present for the Adventure Zone but it is not necessary for them to participate.

Minimum age 8

Maximum age NA

Minimum height 1.2 M

Maximum height 2.1 M

Maximum weight 110 KG (18 stone)

Fitness Level Medium

Full Classic

Parental supervision: Those completing the Full Classic must be accompanied by an adult undertaking the route with them: 

8-13 years – 1 adult to 2 young people 

13-18 years – 1 adult to 7 young people 

Minimum age 10

Maximum age NA

Minimum height 1.2 M

Maximum height 2.1 M

Maximum weight 110 KG (18 stone)

Fitness Level Medium

Parental supervision:

Ages 10 – 14: Parental support is essential. Therefore an adult must accompany the young person(s) around the Zip Wires as a full paying participant. The required ratio is 1 adult to 2 children.

Ages 14 and over: An adult will not have to pay but must remain within the quarry viewing point or Café area at all times.

Minimum age 10

Maximum age NA

Minimum height 1.3 M

Maximum height 2.1 M

Reach (flat footed): 1.6 M

Maximum weight 110 KG (18 stone)

Fitness Level Medium


Parental supervision: Under 18’s require an adult to be present but it is not necessary for them to participate. Supervising adults can view from the beach.

Minimum age 8

Maximum age NA

Minimum height NA

Maximum height NA

Maximum weight NA

Fitness Level Medium and water confident 

Parental supervision: Under 18’s require an adult to be present but it is not necessary for them to participate. Supervising adults can view from the beach.

Minimum age 6

Maximum age NA

Minimum height NA

Maximum height NA

Maximum weight 110KG  (18 stone)

Fitness Level Low-medium 

Under 18’s require an adult to be present but it is not necessary for them to participate. Supervising adults can view from the waiting line.

Minimum age 6

Maximum age NA

Minimum height NA

Maximum height NA

Maximum weight NA

Fitness Level Low-medium 

Under 18’s require an adult to be present but it is not necessary for them to participate. Supervising adults can view from the bottom of the climbs.

Minimum age 8

Maximum age NA

Minimum height NA

Maximum height NA

Maximum weight 110KG (18 stone)

Fitness Level Medium 

No adult supervision required 

Minimum age 6

Maximum age NA

Minimum height NA

Maximum height NA

Maximum weight NA

Fitness Level Medium 

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