Climbing, high ropes and zip-lining!

Via Ferrata: the ultimate high wire adventure!

Conquer your fears and HAVE FUN! Our Via Ferrata Routes cater for adventuresome 8 year olds through to full-on thrill seekers.

“It’s so much more than just an adrenaline rush!”

Fancy taking on the ultimate climbing, zip-line and high ropes adventure in Cornwall? 

Originating in the Alps during WWI to enable troops to cross mountains, a Via Ferrata is a climbing route like no other. Metal steps, suspension bridges and zip wires make it one of the most adrenaline-filled climbing activities worldwide. Now it’s come to Cornwall, so you can push your limits and journey across historic granite quarries on an unforgettable adventure!

You’ll get to develop your climbing skills as you traverse across our quarry walls, face your fears on the High Wire Bridge and leap from the clifftops, soaring through the air on one of the most scenic zip-lines in Cornwall! You’ll also experience Cornwall’s rich quarrying heritage and enjoy gorgeous views over Falmouth bay and the Lizard peninsula.

Get ready to test your nerve, get close to nature and have FUN on this epic outdoor adventure! 

High Ropes Course at Via Ferrata Cornwall

Via Ferrata

Adventure Zone

Via Ferrata Training Circuit & High Wire Bridge @ £25
Duration approximately 1 to 1.5 Hrs

Seeking an epic family adventure activity or want to push your limits? Suitable for adventurers aged 8+, this course starts off at ground level in Goodygrane Quarry and teaches you the basic skills of Via Ferrata before you face the challenge of the ultimate High Wire Bridge, crossing the Quarry on a 70m long single strand of wire. Get ready to reach places you wouldn’t normally be able to, escape the craziness of daily life and immerse yourself in the outdoors!

Parental Support for under 18’s: Children under 18 can complete this zone by themselves, however a responsible adult must be present on-site. They will be able to watch the activity via one of the viewing areas, ideally situated next to the amazing Cafe run by The Cornish Barista!

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Climbing Via Ferrata Cornwall

Via Ferrata

Full Classic

The full experience, 2 Quarry Zones including High Wire Bridge and Zip Rides @£42.50
Duration approximately 2 to 3 Hrs (If time allows enjoy multiple zip wire rides)

Looking for the ultimate climbing, high wire and zip-line adventure? After first completing the Adventure Zone you’ll then progress to expand your limits. The quarry route will take you to heights of 20 meters above our water filled quarry as you scale the cliffs, tackle the high challenges, conquer your fears and find your ‘matrix moment’ leaping from the cliff edge on the zip wire finale. Suitable for adventuresome kids aged 10+ through to full adrenaline junkies!

Parental Support for under 18’s: An adult must accompany the young person(s) around the Adventure Zone and Full Classic routes as a full paying participant in these ratios: 8-13 years – 1 adult to 2 young people; 13-18 years – 1 adult to 7 young people.

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(After completing the Adventure Zone you can add the full route on the day at an extra £15pp)

Coming as a family with different ages?

If you’re coming as a family or group with different ages and abilities, then there’s something for everyone! Whilst we can accommodate groups of all age ranges from 8 upwards, we know that not everyone may be up for something this extreme, and many families might have younger children. If that’s you, then fear not! There’s an amazing Cafe at the top of the quarry which looks down onto parts of the Adventure Zone route, so you can cheer your group on and take photos. You could also grab a takeaway coffee and cake and wander through our adventure nature trails, which take you near the zip wire of the Full Classic route. Why not stroll by and capture your loved ones as they soar through the air! Finally, there’s a wild play area and muddy play for those aged 10 and under, with a covered seating area for parents to sit.


Adventure Zone: adventuresome 8+. Full Classic: 10+ (depending on  competence in Adventure Zone, you may progress to Full Classic on the day). Under 18’s progressing to the Full Classic require a participating adult with them, who has also completed the Adventure Zone. NO Maximum age (See medical conditions)


Min 1.2m
Max height 2.1m

REach (flat footed)



Max weight 110kg (18 stone)

Under 18's

Under 18’s require an adult to be present for the Adventure Zone but it is not necessary for them to participate. Those completing the Full Classic must be accompanied by an adult undertaking the route with them:

8-13 years – 1 adult to 2 young people

13-18 years – 1 adult to 7 young people

Fitness Level


Why do Via Ferrata with us?

Our routes are great for all abilities: You can use the metal rungs, or test your climbing skills and rely on the natural rock crevices!

Our remote and beautiful site is the perfect place to escape the crowds and get back to nature

We have fully qualified and friendly instructors: They’ll check that all your equipment is fitted properly, run through the safety procedures with you and be on-hand if you need help. 

All activities can be done socially distanced and we have received approval from the AA and ‘We’re good to Go’ to operate as a Covid-secure establishment. You can read our Covid-19 Policy for more.

Finally, we’ve received outstanding feedback on the activity and our instructors, which is reflected in our Cornwall Tourism Award and itravel Staycation ‘Experience of the Year’ award.

Our reviews

“We had such a brilliant day with the team at Via Ferrata. We really didn’t know what to expect and the team really looked after us. The whole experience was challenging and exciting and we all felt a sense of adventure and a great sense of achievement at the end. Our guide was very kind and encouraging and we all felt very safe. The covid measures were great too and we had no worries on that front.” – Sarah

You can check out our Trip Advisor page for more!

Frequently asked questions

Do I need previous climbing experience and to be physically fit?

No, this is a brilliant way for people of different abilities to come together and share a unique experience. Whilst you don’t need to be a superhero, moderate fitness is required to tackle the Adventure Zone. Also, the Full Classic Experience will test your stamina.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of this activity we can’t make it fully accessible to all. Therefore, please see medical restrictions and height/weight limits. The BF Adventure charity can offer a full range of inclusive and adventurous activities on site.

What are the medical restrictions?

Participants should only book themselves or other people onto the Via Ferrata if they are happy that they are physically fit and medically abled to undertake the activities. The Via Ferrata will:

  1. Be physical – the course will involve climbing up and sideways and moving along wire bridges for continued time periods. People should only undertake the Via Ferrata if they are physically able to do so.
  2. Be at height – at times participants will be up to 25 meters above the floor using metal bars and at times, natural rock features as a means of movement. People should only book onto the Via Ferrata if this is within their capability.

The following medical conditions may restrict your ability to take part in Via Ferrata. Therefore, please follow the guidance below:

If you suffer from:

  • Severe asthma, frequent/severe epilepsy, a back injury or heart condition, you will only be able to take part pending a discussion with our Booking Team. We require you to specify full details on the medical form when you book, as well as consulting both a doctor and the VFC Booking Team.
  • Mild/infrequent epilepsy, you will be able to take part, however we require you to specify full details on medical form when you book, as well as consulting a doctor.
  • Asthma (mild-moderate), you will be able to take part, however we require you to specify full details on medical form when you book.

 Any other condition

If you are unsure, please list full details on our medical form and consult the booking team. We may require you to consult a doctor. 

How difficult are the routes?

The Adventure Zone is ideal for adventurous kids aged 8+ and adults, including those who are new to climbing. You don’t need to be a full adrenaline junkie, but the High Wire Bridge will test your head for heights!

The Full Classic Experience is for kids aged 10+ and adults and includes a high section for a full-on experience! The routes take 2.5-3 hours, so you will need to be physically fit and able. If you have medical conditions or are unsure of your suitability then please get in touch.

Can I upgrade from the Adventure Zone to the Full Classic on the day?

Yes, after completing the Adventure Zone you can add the Full Classic route on the day at an extra £20pp. 

Please note that if your child is upgrading to the Full Classic Route (this will depend on competence shown in the Adventure Zone and is suitable for those aged 10+, with occasional exceptions), then an adult must accompany them on the course and must have also completed the Adventure Zone. 

What do I need to bring and wear?

Prepare for all weather as the course will operate in all conditions (except in high winds and lightening)! Therefore bring sun cream and waterproofs.

Long hair should be tied back and all jewellery and scarves must be removed. In addition, skirts are not suitable.

Gloves: wearing gloves is mandatory during all Via Ferrata activities. Gloves will reduce the potential of scratches and small cuts to your hands. 

Our children’s gloves contain latex, if your child has an allergy please can you supply suitable gloves using the list below. Our adult gloves are latex free.

You are welcome to borrow clean gloves from us on arrival, to bring your own or to purchase some new from us during the booking process or on arrival at reception.

Suitable glovesUnsuitable gloves
  • Gardening gloves
  • Work gloves
  • Woolly gloves
  • Cycling gloves
  • Via Ferrata gloves
  • Mittens
  • Think winter gloves
  • Latex / garden gloves

Footwear: it is essential to wear sturdy outdoor footwear such as trainers or walking boots. Open toed shoes, flip flops, sandals or similar foot wear cannot be permitted.

Via Ferrata Cornwall reserves the right to refuse access to the activity should appropriate clothing not be worn. As you are participating in a physical activity, we cannot accept any liability for any damage to any items of clothing, footwear etc.

What happens if part way through the course I want to stop?

There will be points where staff can intervene with support and the course will also have natural opt out points. These include just before the High Wire Bridge and within the Classic Palestine Quarry route.

(We cannot offer full or part refunds once you have started your adventure).

How safe is Via Ferrata?

All participants are issued with a safety harness and helmet and you will be fully harnessed in and attached to the Via Ferrata safety cable at ALL times. Therefore you cannot fall far (1 to 2m maximum). Instructors will be on site at all times to offer support if required.

Note that all outdoor adventurous activities carry some inherent risks although we have mitigated these with control measures wherever possible.

If I am slow, nervous or just enjoying the view will I hold other people up?

We want everyone to enjoy the course at their own pace and you will not feel rushed. Therefore, we will release groups onto routes at intervals, so as to avoid the route becoming overly busy or congested. You can choose to lead your time slot group from the front or take your time and follow from the back.

Can I bring Spectators?

Spectators are welcome and can take pictures of ‘friends and family’ only due to safguarding of young people concerns. They can sit back and relax at The Cornish Barista – Quarryside Café, overlooking the Adventure Zone and High Wire Bridge or explore some of our stunning 60 acre site and cheer you on as you complete the classic route and soar back over Palestine Quarry on the zip-line.

Please be aware that access is restricted to the Quarry zones and certain areas of the site and spectators will not be able to see all of your adventure.

You can check out our FAQs page for more generic questions. 

Group Via Ferrata

Our Via Ferrata is also available for groups. These include birthday parties, private adventure sessions for friends and family, stag and hen parties, school and youth group trips and corporate away days

Other activities

We also offer coasteering, climbing, archery and watersports! Also on-site is the Café, which has wild play areas and nature trails nearby!

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